Bucket Twice 30 Litres with Wringer 7004A

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Product Datasheet
Twice 30 ltrs bucket with 2 drain plugs complete with Regular down-press wringer

Bucket used for the professional cleaning of the floors in medium-big areas


* Made of polypropylene colpolymer material, recycable and shock-proof
* With two compartements (16 Ltrs + 14 Ltrs) to separate the cleaning solution from the rinse water with consequent better cleaning
results and hygiene, saving cleaning solution and labour time and consequently minimum effort of the operator
* Equipped with two drain-plugs which makes easier the emptying operation without lifting the bucket
* Back feet can be unassembled to allow the piling of the bucket, reducing storage and transport costs
* Double handle for a correct balance of the bucket while carrying it
* Higher than the traditional buckets, it allows the operator to work without bending.
* Drawing “slippery floor” on both sides of the bucket