May 10, 2016


To deal with odors and create a pleasing ambience, it is no longer necessary to saturate a space with heavy concentrations of scent and environmentally unfriendly VOCs (volatile organic compounds).

Aero Diffusion Technology® represents a genuine breakthrough in the use of liquids for air treatment applications including Odor Remediation, Ambient Scenting, Restroom Hygiene and Aromatherapy.

The essence of the AERO DIFFUSION TECHNOLOGY® breakthrough is the use of tiny droplets and the ability to produce them with consistent sizes and controllable quantities from both aqueous and non-aqueous liquids. For different projects, different appliances have been designed:

a) Ergonomical devices: CryptoScent® (ventilation system) & TowerScent® (floor installation)
b) Interior devices: ArtyScent® (wall installation), IconoScent® (floor installation)

ARTYSCENT – Colour your Scent

Scent Coverage: Up to 500m²