Trolley Arka 32


Arka 32 plastic 25 Ltrs trolley certified “Plastic Second Life” (PSV) made of one plastic frame with ΓΈ 80 mm wheels with bumpers,
U-shaped push-bar, “Regular” down-press wringer, 25-litre bucket, handle with reinforcements, 1×100 Ltrs bag holder complete with
reinforcements and cover, bag support, bucket supports complete with supports, 2x 4 Ltrs buckets, basket/bucket holder, hook and
“Flip” handle support

Ideal for the dusting, rubbish collection and wet mopping of the floors and surfaces in medium/big areas


* Frame made of recycled “Plastic Second Life” polypropylene colpolymer material
* Made of a solid shock-proof plastic structure and perfectly balanced even when full loaded.
* Drawing “slippery floor” on both sides of the frame
* 1×100-litre bagholder complete with bag-stretcher, cover and a plastic bag support fixed to the base of the frame for particularly
heavy bags
* Push-bar with reinforcements to handle better the trolley also on uneven floors
* Equipped with Regular wringer ideal for mop and Speedy mop system
* Click-in screwless bucket support “Plastic Second Life” complete with 2×4 Ltrs buckets in PSV, one hook and one Flip handle
support with rubber roll fitting any kind of handle
* Both with a bucket holder and a basket holder where two more 4-litre buckets or a carry basket can be placed (a carry basket with
bottle holder ref. 3690U)