6H All Purpose Cleaner


All Purpose Cleaner is a professional housekeeping universal cleaner for the removal of many types of soils from all hard surfaces.

Features and Benefits

• All Purpose cleaner is a truly universal cleaner.
• Suitable for use as bathroom cleaner, will remove body fat and grease from sinks, baths, tiles and glass shower guards, leaving such items smelling clean, sparkling and hygienically clean.
• Effective on paintwork, formica, vinyls, door fittings and all other hard surfaces.
• Removes stubborn marks from upholstery leather and carpets.
• All Purpose cleaner’s universal cleaning properties enable the product to replace many expensive specialised cleaners, therefore reducing housekeeping costs.
• Ready to use formulation.
• Broad spectrum of anti-microbial activity and a high rate of kill.
• Effective in all water conditions.
• Passes the requirements of EN1276