Bio Freshener Concentrate will clean and sanitise all hard surfaces such as floors, paintwork, working surfaces, stainless steel etc. in one operation. Bio Freshener Concentrate is pleasantly perfumed and is ideal for care homes and nursing homes.

An excellent general-purpose sanitiser based on a natural organic biocide and plants extracts.
Enables cleaning and sanitising to be carried out simultaneously.
Effective in all water conditions.
Suitable for use in care homes and hospitals.
Will clean such soils as finger marks, grease, grime and soiling from hard surfaces including plastics, laminates, glass and stainless steel.
Suitable for washrooms and changing facilities and in any application where a more powerful detergent sanitiser is required.
Excellent cleaning performance at lower dilutions.
Efficiently hinders lime scale build-up.
Suitable for use in high risk infection areas e.g. public washrooms, healthcare environments.
Bio Freshener Concentrate has been tested, according to the most recent European Standards (EN-Norms) and proven to be an outstanding disinfectant with bactericidal and virucidal properties.
Equivalent to the ready to use product at a 10% dilution.

Code: z021800