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Alcosan is based on a quaternary ammonium biocide combined with an alcohol to give rapid drying. The components meet the requirements of current European Legislation and the QAC is supported in the Biocidal Products Directive (98/8/EC).

Alcosan is designed primarily for applications in Breweries, Beverage, Dairies and Food Processing industries where disinfection is required. It is suitable for break cleaning/disinfection, or cleaning in sensitive areas where moisture must be minimised. It can be used as a combined detergent sanitiser or as a disinfectant.

Alcosan is also suitable for use as a disinfectant or detergent in other high care industries.


Alcosan is always used neat.
The following are typical example applications, users should refer to Cleaning Instruction Cards for specific guidance.
Other applications should be discussed with your Holchem Consultant.

Break Cleaning. During inter-product break cleaning of high care assembly lines it is desirable to use a fast drying
combined detergent/antibacterial disinfectant. Alcosan can be applied by a clean disposable cloth or directly by a
trigger spray onto surfaces. The detergent properties allow soil to be transferred from the surface to the cloth.

Alcosan passes EN13697 under both clean and dirty conditions, but after wiping away gross debris, to ensure good
disinfection it is advisable to re-wipe surfaces with a clean cloth and solution. After disinfection, surfaces should be
allowed to air dry before production re-starts.

Note; it is advisable to validate cleaning and disinfection by an appropriate post disinfection swabbing regime.
Equipment Cleaning. Alcosan can be used to dry clean sensitive equipment, for example weighing scales, computer
terminals and packing machines.

Removal of Adhesives. Alcosan is suitable to aid removal of some solvent based adhesives and inks.

· Quick drying.
· Independent confirmation of efficacy.
· Non-tainting.