Aqua Di Bolgheri Amenities


The line expresses the truest essence of Tuscany and its fabulous village of Bolgheri nestled in the heart of the Etruscan coast.
It evokes the scents, reflects the shades and contains its precious extracts for the skin.
First of all Tuscan Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
Precious cold-pressed organic oil (first pressing) that gives highly moisturizing and emollient properties.
The excellence of herbal cosmetics for the well-being and beauty of the person.

Composed of:
Shower gel 30ml bottle
Hair conditioner 30ml bottle
Cavallotto reception
Organic olive oil
body cream 30ml tube Body cream 10ml sachet 80×80
Body cream 30 ml bottle
Hand & nail cream with organic olive oil tube 30 ml
Hand & nail cream sachet 10ml 80×80
Hand & nail cream bottle 30 ml
Flowpack shower cap Shower
cap with box
Intimate detergent bottle 30ml
Paper handkerchiefs
with box Two-door paper doors
Beauty kit in box
Nail file with olive stick in box
Bath tablet Make-up
wipe 70×100 Soap 14gr rectangular in flow pack
Soap 20gr pleated
Olive oil soap 30gr
in box Sewing set in plastic case boxed
Set for teeth in box
Shaving set in box
Shower shampoo 30ml bottle
Shampoo 30 ml bottle
Loofa sponge in box
Sponge for shoes in box