Bin Pedal Sirius 60 Litres

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Bin pedal sirius white 60 ltrs with cover, pedal and bag-stretcher

Advised for the waste collection.
Ideal for kitchens, restaurants, food industries, toilets, hospitals, communities, rest homes, etc.


* Completely made of recyclable polypropylene, light, ergonomic and shock-proof
* Thanks to its rounded shape it is easier to clean it in compliance with HACCP rules
* The pedal is is internal the container structure so to reduce the overall dimensions
* The 90° opening of the cover helps the operator while emptying the container
* Equipped with bag-stretcher and a cage for a cage for deodorant pills
* Possibility to insert a plastic divider to obtain a 2×30-litre container for a separate collection of rubbish
* Available also with blue, red, yellow and green cover for the separate collection of rubbish