Bin Polaris

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90 ltrs “Polaris” beige container with lid, pedal and wheels certified “Plastic Second Life” (PSV)

It is suggested for the waste collection in places as hotels, schools, hospitals, restaurants, food industries, canteen and public places. It is indispensable above all in those places where, for hygienic reasons, it is required to avoid any direct contact with the container and the rubbish inside.


* 90 ltrs containers completely made of recyclable polypropylene for the waste collection according to the HACCP rules
* Thanks to its rounded shape it is easier to clean it in compliance with HACCP rules
* Its plastic cover with pedal opening and hermetic sealing avoids the coming out of unpleasant smells
* The 90┬░ opening of the cover helps the operator while emptying the container
* The pedal is internal the container structure so to reduce the overall dimensions and the rod to lift the cover is completely made of plastic
* It is equipped with an ergonomic handle and 100 mm plastic wheels to handle the container better and easier
* Equipped with two plastic hooks to fix the bag and with a cage for deodorant or disinfectant pills
* Available also with red, blue, green and yellow cover for the separate collection of rubbish
* It can be equipped with several accessories, such as a multipurpose plastic basket , a paper-roll holder with cover and hooks to
carry small cleaning tools (dustpans, scrapers, etc.).