Drysan is based on Propan-2-ol and contains Emollients to reduce the drying of skin. Drysan is un-perfumed and is suitable for use in Food and Beverage Preparation Areas. Drysan is not suitable for direct sanitisation of food stuffs.

Drysan is also suitable for use in other industries where good disinfection of hands is required. Cross infection by the transfer of pathogenic or food spoilage organisms via the hands is a significant problem in Food Production or Food Service. To reduce the incidence of cross contamination regular hand washing and hand sanitising is essential. The antimicrobial efficacy of Drysan has been tested by Lab-Test Laboratorium SC and passes EN12054 and EN1500.

An Independent toxicity assessment has been conducted by Intertek Lab Test UK. The overall product safety statement concludes:- “Under normal or reasonably foreseeable conditions of use, product made to this formulation is unlikely to produce an abnormally high number of adverse reactions. The product will give users the level of safety they can reasonably expect”.


Drysan should be used as part of a proper hand washing routine with a good quality non-perfumed hand soap such as M7
· Hands should be washed thoroughly (20 seconds minimum) in warm water using a suitable hand soap.
· Rinse hands thoroughly under running warm water.
· Hands should be dried thoroughly.
· Apply Drysan from a hygienic wall mounted dispenser. Rub into hands and allow to air dry.
· After approximately 30-60 seconds the sanitiser will have evaporated to leave a pleasant non-stick feel.

· Quick drying.
· Conforms to EN1500, EN12054.
· Independent assessed as safe for use on skin.