Easy Wash Kit


Easy Wash is a system made up of a bucket with sieve and a flat frame with mop: semi-professional, practical, light and highly hygienic.

Strong and durable

Totally touch-free system both by fixing and detaching the mop

The easy fix & detach system makes cleaning operations much quicker

Fully recyclable

  • Versatile: it ensures an easy and efficient cleaning of both horizontal and vertical surfaces
  • Practical: its facilitated opening system speeds up its flat working position
  • Light: being light, the system guarantees an adequate friction with the floor without effort
  • Ergonomic: it avoids bendings while working, thus protecting the health of the back and articulations
  • Hygienic: the used mop can be detached without any contact of the hands with the dirty mop
  • Size: 35×10 cm


Fitting any handle with hole, diametre of handle 18 to 23 mm

Mop in white microfiber with blue stripes in brushed fibers with intensicve action, backing made of polyester.


  • Flat system with micro-wings to be used with its bucket and sieve
  • Ideal for internal smooth or non-slip floors with low to lightly greasy dirt

Yarn: 87% microfiber (100% polyester) + 13 % polyammide

Microfiber size: 0,75 DTX

Mop size: 42×16 cm


  • Ergonomic: light, handy and easy to use
  • Practical: its wide opening facilitates its filling and emptying
  • Functional: its integrated slots guide the squeezing action making it very simple
  • Safe: its click-in hooking system attaches the sieve to the bucket safely
  • Strong: strong and shock-proof, so long-lasting in time
  • Capacity: total 14 lt

Complete with frontal grip for an easy emptying of the cleaning solution

Equipped with frontal handle holder to hang the handle to the bucket