Ecofly Lamp


Ecofly can be placed on a piece of furniture or hanged on the wall. Thanks to its
innovative design it easily adapts to all environments, both modern and classic.
One single device can protect a room of more than 30 m2.

Ecofly attracts and catches all flying insects (flies, mosquitoes, midges) and it is ideal for use in bars,
restaurants, pastry-shops, gastronomic shops, groceries, and in general in all
places open to public where it is desired to obtain an insect free environment in
an ecological and clean way.

The insects which are attracted by an actinic lamp
(UV) are captured by a special glueboard which is placed on the rear part of the
trap. A special glue containing a natural attractant and pheromones is used to
prepare the glueboard, thus increasing the effect of the trap. When the board is
full, it can be easily replaced in a few seconds.

Ecofly is equipped with a feeding
cable of 2 meters and it can be turned off by means of a handy switch. However,
in order to obtain better results, we advise to keep the trap turned on always.

Ecofly is according to the law of food
hygiene productions (HACCP)

Code: OR209