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Holquat is based on a Quaternary Ammonium Chloride Biocide (QAC) together with wetting and chelating agents.
The components meet the requirements of current European Legislation and the QAC is supported in the Biocidal
Products Directive (98/8/EC).

When used as directed, Holquat is suitable for use as a disinfectant in Food and Beverage production plants, Food
and Beverage Preparation/Serving areas and Food Storage areas. The broad spectrum of biocidal activity also
makes Holquat suitable for use in other high risk industries where good antimicrobial control is required (high care
production plants and institutional areas such as schools, nursing homes and hospitals).


  • Use Holquat at concentrations between 1% and 3% v/v depending on application.
  • Holquat is suitable for disinfecting food contact surfaces; it is not suitable for disinfection of food stuffs.
  • The following are typical example applications, users should refer to Cleaning Instruction Cards for specific guidance.
  • Other applications should be discussed with your Holchem Consultant.
  • Note: For use under recommended conditions, or variations thereof, users should validate cleaning and disinfection
    by an appropriate post disinfection swabbing regime.