M7 Hand Soap

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Cross infection by the transfer of pathogenic or food spoilage organisms via the hands is a significant problem in food production or food service areas. To reduce the incidence of cross contamination regular hand washing and hand sanitising is essential.
M7 Hand Soap combines the cleansing power of synthetic soaps with an emollient that reduces the drying of the skin. M7 Hand Soap is un-perfumed to avoid the tainting of food and is suitable for use in food processing or preparation areas. It is effective in soft or hard water areas.


M7 Hand Soap should be used as part of a proper hand washing routine.
Wet hands with warm water and apply one shot of M7 Hand Soap working around all parts of the palm, back of hand, wrist, fingers and fingernails for a minimum of 20 seconds.
Rinse hands thoroughly under running warm water.
Hands should be dried thoroughly.
After drying hands an alcohol based hand disinfectant (Drysan) should be used for maximum antibacterical efficacy.


· Drip free.
· Pleasant cleaner to use.
· Good soil removal.
· Does not crack hands.