Speedy Wet Mopping System


Speedy Wet Mopping system for floor wet mopping, cleaning walls, ceilings and tread-boards.

8316AB – Mop Frame 40cm

* Completely made of recyclable and shock-proof plastic material
*If the red button on the upper part of the frame is pressed down , the frame will open 180° with the flap mop head still hanging, this
operation allows to rinse and wring the flat mop head.
* This frame is equipped with two side plastic flaps with two hooks used to fix the flat mop head.
*The new “Lock System” improves the cleaning of walls, ceilings and floors assuring the utmost adherence of the cleaning tool to
the surface. Lock System can be switched on and off by simply pushing up or down its small lever (locking device) with one’s foot,
without the use of one’s hands and without bending any more.
* The universal screw allows to use any kind of handle with a diameter going from 20 to 24 mm

8516 – Speedy mop 40cm

Mainly used for mopping in medium/high dirty floors (in hotels, houses, offices, hospitals, etc) Suggested for the cleaning of corners and vertical walls and with the 8316AB (Lock System) it is ideal for the cleaning of ceilings.


* Innovative mopping system: it holds more dirt than conventional mop heads. More yarn and the finer microfibre yarn structure
provides more magnetism and catches more dirt. Its exclusive looped design gets into the grooves and pores reaching edges and
* Two-holes flaps in order to grant a better fixing system of the flap to the frame
* Looped end yarn which grants a longer lige of the mop head: non-fraying and -linting possibility
* Available with coloured microfibre: blue, red, yellow and green
* No latex
* Made in Italy with solar energy

AM30015A – Handle aluminium 140cm

* Light and rust-proof

* Handle characterized by three holes at its lower end for the use of different frames

* Grip available in different colours: blue, red, yellow, green and grey