TPE Gloves Allfood “ThermoSoft”


TPE gloves Allfood Thermosoft by Hygostar

The Allfood Thermosoft is made of very skin-friendly TPE. The material is free of plasticizers (phthalates), silicones and latex. Therefore these disposable gloves are very well tolerated.

Another advantage: The glove is food safe and especially suitable to touch greasy and oily foods. Gloves made of TPE are great for all works with food. Thank to its skin compatibility TPE gloves are suitable for hygienic and cosmetic applications, too.

Benefits of TPE gloves Allfood Thermosoft:

  • skin-friendly TPE: Thermoplastic elastomers containing no plasticizer (phthalates), no silicone and no latex
  • hard-wearing: very elastic and tear resistant
  • 100 % food safe: tasteless and odorless, especially suitable for greasy and oily food
  • good fit: soft surface and good tactile sensation on hand and fingers
  • attractive price: favourable alternative to vinyl gloves
  • for single use only

Material Info: What is TPE?

Thermoplastic elastomers are a new material with silicone-like qualities. The main raw material for the production of elastomers is natural or synthetic rubber which is combined with the functionality of a plastic. This material is: odorless, contains no softeners (phthalates) and no silicone, has good elasticity plus strength and is UV resistant