Trolley Arka 23


ARKA 23 – plastic trolley 28 L
Multipurpose trolley, ideal for areas where dusting, waste collection, floor mopping and cleaning of surfaces are required.

  • Compact, modular and click-in easy to assemble (total screwless)
  • Made fo a solid shock-proof plastic structure and perfectly balanced even when full loaded
  • Push-bar with reinforcements to handle better the trolley also on uneven floors
  • Bagholder 1×100 L complete with bag-stretcher, cover and a plastic bag support fixed to the base of the frame for particularly heavy bags
  • Snap-in bucket support without assembling screws, with 2 buckets 4 L, hook and Flip handle holder with non-slip rubber roll for a safe grip of any type of handle.
  • Both with a bucket holder and a basket holder where two more 4-litre buckets or a carry basket can be placed (a carry basket with bottle holder art. 3690U)
  • Bucket 28 L with divider which guarantees a professional wet mopping system thanks to the possibility to separate the chemical solution from rinsing/dirty water with consequent better cleaning results and hygiene, highly reducing cross-contamination, saving water, cleaning solution and labour time and consequently minimum effort of the operator
  • The side press wringer without bottom allows to rinse and wring the mop only in one step saving time labour and avoiding unpleasant drippings on the floor; it is ideal for mop and Speedy mop system

Polypropylene copolymer – PSV

Code: FLP1283A