Ultra Scent


Ultra Scent is an ethanol based product that it can aromatize any place when applied on fabrics, textiles, sheets, carpets etc.

It doesn’t leave any stain or affect texture.

  • Liquid air freshener with a lasting fragrance
  • Has a double action: Eliminates any kind of undesirable odor by releasing at the same time a pleasant scent of freshness
  • The unique fragrance of Spring Air, a combination of essential oils distilled from fruits, plants and flowers, drift you to the most mysterious and mystic aromas of nature by offering you a unique experience for your senses
  • Stainless with no effects on carpets, fabric, or textile materials
  • Indicated for hotel areas, restaurants, public use areas, elevators, hospitals, schools, airport areas, boats,laundry, etc

Available in

  • Luxury bottle of 200ml with sprayer
  • PET bottle of 500ml with trigger