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V Clean is a medium duty, alkaline, general purpose cleaner containing sequestering agents to inhibit scale formation and improve detergency in hard water areas.

V Clean is suitable for cleaning food processing plants, associated equipment and cladding. V Clean is also suitable for cleaning traffic film from vehicles used in the food supply chain. V Clean is also suitable for use in other high care industries.

V Clean is designed primarily for pressure wash, brush and soak cleaning applications.

V Clean is easily rinsed away leaving no streaks or smears. It contains sequestering agents to inhibit scale formationand improve detergency in hard water areas.


  • In use concentrations of V Clean are application dependent, and should be established during trials but typically will be between 0.5% and 5% v/v.
  • Cleaning temperatures should be optimised during trials.
  • V Clean is not suitable for direct food contact.
  • Available in 5 Kilos Jerry cans or 25 Kilos Drums