VEGA LP0307 – plastic trolley 25 L
Multipurpose trolley used for the rubbish collection and wet floor mopping in medium/small areas.

  • One-piece frame, strong, tough and easy to clean
  • It is equipped with a plastic basket on the rear to carry the bottles and other tools
  • Push-grip complete with reinforcements to handle the trolley easier, equipped with hook
  • Snap-in bucket support without assembling screws, with 2 buckets 4 L, hook and Flip handle holder with non-slip rubber roll for a safe grip of any type of handle.
  • Handy snap-in bag holder 50 L without assembling screws and with bag-stretchers
  • Down-press wringer: ideal for kentucky mops and Speedy mop system

Polypropylene copolymer – PSV

Code : FLP0307