Air Freshener Dispenser

Smart Air Mini is available in 4 colors: White – Inox – Black – Gold.

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Smart Air mini is a unique revolutionary, highly aesthetic device that functions digitally. It can aromatize every kind of professional area, thanks to its huge variety of perfumes. Small, stylish and very powerful, it has enormous capabilities of deodorization and air refreshment. It has been established in the international market thanks to its modern technology function which gives the device a unique flexibility in its adjustment and infinite choice possibilities. A spray function can be adjusted according to preference. It can be adjusted to work hourly, weekly, or monthly. The procedure can be simplified by choosing between “ready to use” preinstalled programs. Smart Air Mini offers 22 and new smart air offers 29 “ready to use” preinstalled programs. It is a very economical device in terms of batteries’ life span compared to the common devices. This appliance combines the high aesthetic design with the small size, which makes it most suitable for modern professional places.


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