Automatic Hand Dryer with Heater

Material ABS
Colors White
Capacity 1.800 W
Weight 2.3 kg
Dimensions (LxPxH) 235 × 215 × 215 mm
Certification CE, RoHs
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Cost-saving, compact and quiet. Alisé is a traditional hand dryer operated by a reliable brushless motor. Automatically activated by infrared sensor, the unit emits a generous hot air flow which passes through a very wide outlet hole located at the bottom of the dryer. Alisé offers a perfect balance between performance and aesthetic, for a very reasonable price.

BRUSHLESS TECHNOLOGY – Alisé is operated by a brushless motor. This technology offers incredible efficiency and increased power delivery, resulting in less wear and increased longevity of the dryer.

INSTANT HOT AIR – To offer a greater comfort in use, the dryer incorporates a heater that instantly warms the air during hand drying operations.

AUTOMATIC ACTIVATION – Alisé automatically turns on when hands pass through the infrared sensors installed in the drying area. The touch-free automatic activation promotes hand hygiene, without the risk of cross-contamination.

OVERHEATING PROTECTION – When infrared sensor is blocked for a long time, blower fan has a breakdown, or the dryer temperature exceeds safety limits, the overheating protection stops the dryer automatically.

ULTRA QUIET – Emitting just 54 dB of sound while operating, Alisé is one of the quietest hand dryers currently available on market. A great choice for noise-sensitive environments such as small restaurants.