Bucket Complete Kit EASY WASH

Kit EASY WASH – bucket 15L complete with sieve, mop holder and mop
Can be used for wet mopping of horizontal and vertical surfaces in small areas.
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ECO-FRIENDLY PRODUCTProduct made of separable materials and, consequently, recyclable at the end of its life


ECO-FRIENDLY PRODUCT100% solar-powered textile production

  • Made of high quality polypropylene copolymer: light, shock-proof, heavy duty and low-temperature resistant
  • Bucket with bottom protection rim and an ergonomic seizing to empty it easier
  • Special shaped sieve that facilitates the squeezing of the mop. It lays entirely onto the bucket border guaranteeing a better resistance. Equipped with handle holder
  • The mop holder allows to fix and release the mop automatically, avoiding the operator’s bending and the direct contact with the dirty mop. The foot-operated push-button on the central part of the mop holder allows to open it in order to squeeze the mop
  • Microfibre mop with micro flaps for an easy, quick and safe mop fastening. Ideal for all smooth flooring, medium degree of dirt. The high absorbency due to its capillary action guarantees a great floor covering, a fast floor drying and less stains. Polyester, thanks to its hooked micro-structure, generates a non abrasive mechanical action to remove dirt, while polyamide, due to its high absorbing power, retains water and the removed dirt

Bucket: Polypropylene
Sieve: Polypropylene
Mop holder: Polypropilene and Polyamide
Mop: yarn 80% microfibre (100% polyester) + 20% polyamide, TNT backing and polyurethane flaps – Microfibre: decitex=0,75

A dry mop absorbs up to twice its own weight

Can be washed max 400 cycles if washing instructions and warnings are followed

Follow carefully the washing instructions and warnings on the detergent packaging (temperature and dosing) before washing
We recommend the use of normal detergent for textiles, no fabric softener
Always a pre-wash cycle in cold water without detergent to remove any residue of chemical solution
We suggest to use the specific net bags for the mop washing

LogoSUGGESTED washing temperature: 60° C

LogoBleaching possible – Do not use chlorine or bleach

LogoMechanical drying at low temperature 50°C

LogoNo ironing

LogoDo not dry clean

Do not use softener
Use alkaline detergents with Ph < 11