Chef’s hats Le Chef Paper

  • embossed paper
  • absorbent sweatband made of viscose
  • decoration pleats, stable
  • closed top
  • size individually adjustable
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Chef’s hats Le Chef | Paper


Chef’s hats Le Chef made of paper by Hygostar

Bright white and with real decorative folds: Le Chef chef’s hats are ideal for kitchen, banquet and other hospitality areas. The tall shape and classic look give a stylish and hygienic appearance. Le Chef chef’s hats are made of embossed paper. In addition, they are equipped with an absorbent sweatband made of viscose. Like an absorbent headband, it absorbs moisture and beads of sweat. This keeps your forehead and head pleasantly dry – even when temperatures are high in the kitchen and you’re working under time pressure.

Features of the chef’s hats Le Chef at a glance:

  • sturdy, embossed paper
  • integrated strinband made of absorbent viscose
  • less sweating, more wearing comfort
  • traditional decorative pleats
  • closed at the top
  • size adjustable to any width
  • protection against low superficial mechanical risks

Functional range

kitchen, gastronomy, banquet


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