Textile Wiping Cloth Steel-T Coloured

STEEL-T – coagulated textile wiping cloth
Glossy surfaces: Steel, chrome and ceramic.
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  • Polishes and removed limescale
  • Degreasing
  • Remarkable absorption and deep cleaning capacity
  • It doesn’t smear on reflectiing surface
  • Resistant to the frequent use
  • Washable in dishwasher and washing machine

Cloth for glossy surfaces, chromed steel, ceramics – Polishes and removed limescale – Degreasing – Weight 285 gr/mq

Coagulated textile (68% polyester – 12% polyamide – 20% polyurethane)

4 times its weight

Follow carefully the washing instructions and warnings on the detergent packaging (temperature and dosing) before washing
We recommend the use of normal detergent for textiles, no fabric softener
We suggest to use the specific net bags for the mop washing

LogoSUGGESTED washing temperature: 60° C

LogoMAX washing temperature: 90° C

LogoBleaching possible – Do not use chlorine or bleach

LogoMechanical drying at low temperature 50°C

LogoNo ironing

LogoDo not dry clean

Do not use softener
Use alkaline detergents with Ph < 11