Mob caps Light ㅤㅤㅤㅤ

  • breathable spunbonded PP
  • machine-made
  • latex-free elastic band
  • comfortable to wear
  • suitable for contact with food

Colours Available:

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Mob Caps Light  | PP


Mob caps Light made of PP by Hygonorm

The mob caps Light are available in numerous sizes and colours and are packed either in a dispenser box or in a bag. Coloured caps are ideal for identifying different hygiene areas within a colour system (e.g. red = visitor, blue = employee, yellow = cleaning staff). Large diameter hoods are particularly recommended for very long hair.

The hoods are standard when it comes to disposable clothing and can be used universally: in the food industry and in other hygiene areas. The mob caps are made of air-permeable PP fleece and are pleasantly light to wear. In the Light variant, the hoods are machine-made and therefore very attractively priced – ideal for high demand and when the hoods are changed frequently. The caps are just right for employees or even visitors in hygiene-sensitive areas.

Features of the mob caps at a glance:

  • made of PP fleece, air-permeable with latex-free elastic band
  • available in different colors, sizes and packaging types
  • favourable, because of machine production
  • comfortable to wear and food-safe
  • protection against low superficial mechanical risks

Functional range

food industry and hygiene sectors


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