Plastic Flat Wringer BOOST

BOOST – plastic flat wringer
It fits all trolleys of the Filmop range. Ideal for wringing mops and mop heads from 40 cm.

ECO-FRIENDLY PRODUCTProduct made of separable materials and, consequently, recyclable at the end of its life

  • Made of polypropylene, premium material: lightweight, shock-resistant, durable and resistant to low temperature
  • Provides 20% more wringing than traditional wringers due to the intense, even pressure of the wringer plate on the mop
  • Provides ideal wringing in one movement reducing efforts by 50%. The operator should simply push the handgrip to the end of the stroke, without being forced to exert any force
  • Adjustable squeezing and bushings allow you to change the intensity of wringing depending on the type of mop and surface to be cleaned
  • Equipped with handle holder for safe transport of the tool

Polypropylene, polyamide and aluminum