Snake Holder ㅤㅤ40cm or 60cm

Shapable rubber mop holder with cloth fixing clips and grip with Italian thread for SNAKE hand duster
It is suitable for any kind of surface and especially for the hard to reach spaces such as behind the radiators and on the wardrobes.
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  • Innovative structure: the frame is mouldable and consequently adaptable to any straight or round surface
  • Made of closed-cell rubber to prevent dirt and bacteria from getting in
  • Extremely flexible: with push button for rapid inclination up to 270°
  • Versatile: ideal both for dry dusting with acrylic spare parts and wet dusting with microfibre parts and disposable mops
  • Equipped with a disc that allows disposable mops to be attached, ensuring stability
  • It can be used also with telescopic poles for the cleaning of the highest surfaces without the use ladders

Fitting telescopic handles and aluminium handles with 3 holes by means of the end cone adaptor ref. P179040A – Suitable for use with QUIK-STIK disposable cloths

Polypropylene copolymer, stainless steel, rubber and polyethylene