Trolley Laundry 70 Litres

70 lt Rilsan coated trolley for laundry collection with pedal, cover, pistons, elastic and ø 80 mm pirouetting wheels
Trolley used for the transport of dirty laundry in hospitals and communities

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  • Rilsan coated frame: long-lasting, rustproof treatment, resistant to abrasion, shock-proof and scraping-resistant in case of very small abrasions on it.
  • Plastic base, pedal and cover made of recyclable polypropylene
  • Cover avoids the coming out of unpleasant smells
  • Equipped with shock absorbing pistons for a soft closing of the cover
  • The pedal allows the operator to work in a more confortable way, leaving his own hands free for any operation
  • Strong plastic plate very useful in case of heavy bags and made of recyclable polypropylene

Rilsan coated steel and polypropylene copolymer