Autocut Towel Paper ECO-LUXE Line

Auto-cut Towel Paper Dispenser with Compact Design. white colour 100% recycled plastic. ECO-LUXE Line

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The ECO-LUXE line CP-3525-B autocut paper dispenser features a careful design that combines smooth and wavy surfaces for a better experience both in sight and touch. In addition, its compact design makes it adaptable to any space thanks to its reduced dimensions.

Made of 100% recycled plastic like the rest of the ECO-LUXE line, this autocut dispenser is very resistant, sustainable and working, which makes it ideal for high and intense traffic spaces.

Its perfectly calibrated internal mechanism does not need a high level of force to pull the paper by the cutting system, which ensures perfect performance even with wet hands.

It has double side window to see the state of the paper inside and a safety wheel for easy placement and tuning of the paper.

Design, quality and functionality. These are the three main features of the new ECO-LUXE line.

Its external body is made entirely of 100% recycled white plastic. It consists of lock and plastic key to facilitate the replacement of consumable and protect the interior of the appliance against misuse.

The new ECO-LUXE line is born from the desire to contribute to improving hygiene in public spaces by providing design, quality, functionality and sustainability at competitive prices. It has been designed for optimum performance, building on LOSDI’s long-standing experience as an established brand in the field of professional and industrial hygiene in more than 45 countries.

In addition, its differentiated and striking design reveals the high quality standards of LOSDI, allowing a simple and pleasant dosage for the user.

All LOSDI dispensers are provided with a standard key and installation screws included.