Beard cover PPㅤㅤㅤㅤ

  • high-quality spunbonded PP
  • latex-free elastic bands
  • air-permeable and light
  • food-safe
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Beard cover | PP

Beard cover made of PP by Hygostar

This beard protector is made of high quality, air-permeable PP fleece. The material is pleasantly light and soft. A beard protector is an important addition to the hygiene clothing and is usually worn in combination with a hood. The beard protector is elastic and covers even long beards very well. This prevents beard hairs from contaminating your product or food. A beard protector made of PP fleece is therefore recommended in particularly hygiene-sensitive areas as well as in the food industry and kitchens.

Features of the beard cover made of PP at a glance:

  • high-quality PP fleece, air-permeable and lightweight
  • covers also long beards
  • food-safe
  • protection against low superficial mechanical risks
  • latex-free rubber bands

Functional range

ideal in hygiene-sensitive areas, food industry, kitchens


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