Mob caps Detect PP Detectable

  • breathable spunbonded PP
  • detectable, machine-made
  • latex-free elastic band
  • comfortable to wear
  • suitable for contact with food
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Mob caps Detect | PP, detectable


Detectable mob caps Detect made of PP by Hygostar

These mop caps are machine-made and therefore very inexpensive. They are made of breathable PP fleece and are comfortable to wear in everyday work. The caps are detectable because they have an integrated metal strip. This metal strip can be detected by the detector machine. Detectors are mainly used in large food and pharmaceutical production facilities. Like sniffer noses, they detect when a foreign object, such as a piece of clothing, is present in the production process. In this way, these machines ensure that, on the one hand, the end consumer receives a hygienically perfect product. On the other hand, the production plant is safe from damage caused by foreign bodies.

Features of the detectable mob caps Detect at a glance:

  • air-permeable fleece made of PP, comfortable to wear
  • detectable thanks to metal strips
  • machine-made
  • latex-free elastic band
  • approved for contact with food
  • protects against low superficial mechanical risks

Functional range

food industry and hygiene sectors


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