DRY-UP Super Absorbent Cloth

DRY-UP – super-absorbing disposable cloth
It is the ideal solution for “quick actions”: it removes easily accidental spillage from the floor, allowing a fast restart of ongoing activities. Suitable for any environment: healthcare facilities, elderly homes, restaurants, bars, supermarkets and communities. Suitable for any surface, also concrete floors, PVC, glass, parquet and wax treated floors. It can used also on delicate surfaces: the TNT layer which is in contact with the floor is very soft and does not lint

  • The upper waterproof layer allows the dispose of the cloth in complete hygiene and safety, avoiding any contact with the collected liquid and reducing the risk of cross contamination
  • The internal layer with high absorbing polymers transforms the liquid into gel, bonding safe in the cloth, avoiding dripping and trickling.
  • It can absorb water, drinks, chlorine bleach, but also organic liquids (urine, blood) and oil
  • Absorbing time: from 30 to 150 sec (depends on the quantity and type of liquid)
  • Maximum absorbency: 1000 ml

Polyethylene, cellulose fibers and polypropylene