Finger food skewers “Flag” | Bamboo

  • bamboo skewer
  • easy to grip
  • very stable and environmentally friendly
  • tasteless
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Finger food skewers “Flag” | bamboo

Organic finger food spit FLAG from Naturestar

This finger food spit is made of bamboo and is therefore extremely stable. In addition, bamboo is a rapidly renewable resource, that is why the spit are very environmentally friendly. The spit are therefore completely compostable and tasteless. The finger food spit is available in numerous lengths, from 7 cm to 25 cm. Because of this, the spit is ideal for almost any type of finger food. In addition, bamboo gives the spit a smooth and beautiful look. At the end of the skewers are provided with a handle, which facilitates the gripping considerably. The skewer is particularly suitable for catering, caterers and events.

Benefits of the Organic Fingerfood Spit FLAG:

  • tasteless
  • very stable and environmentally friendly
  • suitable for finger food
  • good to grab
  • Use: catering, caterers, restaurants (Asian)


Franz Mensch