Forage hats Service Paper

  • smooth paper
  • absorbent, stable
  • perforated, breathable top
  • size individually adjustable
  • as hygienic headwear
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Forage hats Service  | Paper


Forage hats Service made of paper by Hygonorm

Forage hats Service are made of smooth paper. Paper forage hats are the classic head wear for bakeries. But they can also be used in large kitchens, communal catering, food industry, canteens and food distribution. The perforated insert at the top ensures good ventilation and makes the forage hats comfortable to wear. Tip: Forage hats are ideal advertising media. They can be printed individually with your logo and advertising message.

Features of the forage hats Service at a glance:

  • dimensionally stable, smooth paper
  • top perforated insert for good ventilation
  • width individually adjustable
  • suitable as head wear for hygienic areas

Functional range

bakeries, canteen kitchens, communal catering and food industry, canteens, food distribution


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