Hair Nets Nylon ㅤㅤㅤㅤ

  • high-quality polyamide/nylon
  • coarse-meshed, very breathable
  • latex-free rubber band
  • easy and gentle to wear
  • almost invisible
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Hair nets | nylon

Hair nets made of nylon by Hygostar

Almost invisible and barely noticeable on the head: The nylon hair nets are particularly soft and comfortable to wear. The coarse-meshed structure makes the hair nets very-brethable and light. Nylon is a synthetic fiber that is very elastic and durable. Therefore, the hair nets fit perfectly to any head size. You have the choice: the hair nets are available in a dispenser for hanging, in a convenient bag or on a cardboard disc for particularly fast removal. Hair nets made of nylon are a hygienic head covering for food industry, canteen kitchens and other hygienic areas.

Features of the hair nets made of nylon at a glance:

  • very high-quality polyamide/nylon
  • very breathable
  • latex-free rubber band
  • gentle to the hair and very light
  • almost invisible
  • available in two colors: white for light hair, brown for dark hair

Functional range

food industry, canteen kitchens, hygiene areas


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