Pot holders Flamestar Canvas

  • outer layer: canvas with special coating
  • filling: nonwoven/CVC-cotton (cotton-polyester mixture)
  • inside: silver fabric
  • robust, wipeable, durable
  • with hanging loop
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Pot holders Flamestar | canvas

Pot holders Flamestar made of canvas by Hygostar

The pot holder Flamestar is made with a specially coated canvas on the outside. This makes it robust and durable. It is filled with a cotton-polyester mixture and has an inside made of silver fabric. Furthermore, the pot holder is wipeable and has a hanging loop. It provides its user with protection against contact with hot surfaces whose temperature does not exceed 50 °C, as well as protection against low superficial mechanical injuries. This makes the Flamestar pot holder ideal for use in kitchens and in the gastronomy.

The features of the pot holders Flamestar at a glance:

  • made of canvas with special coating
  • filled with nonwoven/CVC-cotton
  • with loop for hanging
  • robust and durable thanks to the material
  • protects against contact with hot surfaces, whose temperature is not higher than 50 °C and against low superficial mechanical injuries

Functional range

for kitchen, gastronomy


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