Latex gloves Skin | Powdered

  • disposable gloves made of strong latex
  • elastic, great fit, for a great tactile sensitivity
  • durable and very tight, resistant against biological dangers
  • powdered, rolled cuff, non-sterile, ambidextrous fit
  • benefit of powder: easier to put on gloves with wet hands
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Latex gloves Skin | Powdered

Latex gloves Skin, powdered by Hygostar

The latex glove Skin is made of a strong latex material and is lightly powdered. Thanks to the powder, this allows easier donning even with wet hands. The glove is elastic and has a great fit. This gives the wearer a good tactile sensitivity. With its rolled cuff, it catches run-off drops when the hands are raised. The latex glove is also durable and very tight, making it resistant to biological dangers. Therefore, the Skin glove is particularly suitable for food processing, gastronomy, laboratory, industry and pharmacy.

The features of the latex gloves Skin at a glance:

  • strong latex, non-sterile, elastic
  • good sensation thanks to great fit
  • very tight for resistance to biological dangers
  • powdered for faster donning, even with wet hands
  • fit ambidextrous, with rolled cuff

Functional range

for food processing, gastronomy, laboratory, industry, pharmacy and medical purposes


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