Nitrile Gloves Super Stretch Powder-Free

  • disposable gloves made of light nitrile
  • extremely elastic, strong stretchability
  • very skin-friendly, as free from accelerators
  • time-saving: flexible material allows fast put on and put off
  • excellent fit and wearing comfort, for excellent tactile sensitivity
  • powder-free, rolled cuff, non-sterile, ambidextrous fit
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Nitrile Gloves Safe Super Stretch | Powder-Free

Nitrile gloves Safe Super Stretch, powder-free by Hygostar

The powder-free nitrile glove Safe Super Stretch is made of a light nitrile and is characterized by its elasticity and strong stretch. Furthermore, the product material is free of accelerators and thus particularly friendly to the skin of the wearer. The Super Safe Stretch glove offers a very good tactile sensation due to its excellent fit and wearing comfort. Thanks to the flexible and extremely elastic material, the nitrile glove can be put on and taken off with ease, saving time. This makes the Safe Super Stretch ideal for use in industry, kitchen, laboratory, food industry and medical areas.

Short and simply explained – learn everything you need to know about Safe Super Stretch in our product video:

The features of the nitrile gloves Safe Super Stretch at a glance:

  • light, especially elastic nitrile
  • very skin-friendly, as free of accelerators
  • quick donning and doffing thanks to the flexible material
  • very good sense of touch due to good fit and wearing comfort
  • free of powder, free of latex-allergy causing proteins
  • with rolled cuff, ambidextrous wearing possible

Intended purpose

For third-party protection (protection against germ transmission) in the hospital and care sector

Functional range

for industry, kitchen, laboratory, food industry and medical areas


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