Oven gloves Bako Finger

  • 5-finger-shape, terry fabric made of cotton/terry
  • with cuff for protection of hand and forearm
  • resistant to contact heat up to 50 °C
  • robust
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Oven gloves Bako Finger | cotton

Oven gloves Bako Finger made of cotton by Hygostar

The oven glove Bako Finger is made of a terry fabric, which is made of cotton and terrycloth. Thanks to the cuff, both the hand and the forearm of the wearer are protected from heat. The sturdy oven glove Bako Finger is resistant to contact heat up to 50°C, which is why it is used mainly in the fields of gastronomy and kitchen.

The features of the oven gloves Bako Finger at a glance:

  • with 5 fingers shape, made of cotton
  • protects hand and forearm by cuff
  • resistant against contact heat up to 50°C
  • robust

Functional range

for kitchens, gastronomy


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