Oven gloves Heat-Blocker

  • 5-finger shape, unlined silicone
  • resistant to contact heat up to 250 °C
  • structured surface, secure grip
  • long cuff for protection of the forearm
  • moisture resistant, food-safe, dishwasher suitable
  • ambidextrous fit, practical loop for hanging up
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Oven gloves Heat-blocker | Silicone

Oven gloves Heat-blocker made of silicone by Hygostar

The oven glove Heatblocker is characterized by its resistance to contact heat up to 250°C. It is made of unlined silicone and has a 5-finger shape. Thanks to its structured surface, the oven glove is very safe to grip. To protect not only the hand, but also the forearm, it is equipped with a long cuff. Furthermore, it is moisture resistant, which is why it can be put in the dishwasher without any problems. Conveniently, the glove has a loop for hanging. These features make the Heatblocker oven glove ideal for any kitchen.


The features of the oven gloves Heatblocker at a glance:

  • made of silicone with 5-finger shape
  • resistant to heat up to 250°C
  • tight against liquid, suitable for dishwashers
  • full profile for secure grip
  • protect forearm by long cuff
  • can be worn with both hands

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