Overshoes CPEㅤㅤㅤㅤ

  • strong cast polyethylene
  • water-repellent
  • durable
  • suitable for handling food
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Overshoes | CPE

Overshoes made of CPE by Hygostar

With overshoes made of CPE you avoid contamination and dirt in sensitive hygiene areas. They fit universally and are simply put on over street or professional shoes. The disposable shoes are ideal for visitors or personnel in care, industry, food industry and other hygiene-sensitive areas. The overshoes made of CPE are very high-quality, durable and water-repellent. CPE stands for cast polyethylene. The material is dense like PE, slightly cheaper and has a hammered structure.

Features of the overshoes made of CPE at a glance:

  • water-repellent cast polyethylene
  • very durable
  • suitable for contact with food
  • protects against low superficial mechanical risks
  • in different colours: ideal when using a hygiene color system for visual identification of different work areas

Functional range

care, industry, food industry and hygiene-sensitive areas


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