Speedy® Mop Holder with Lock System

SPEEDY MOP HOLDER® – foldable plastic mop holder with Lock System fitting
Speedy frame is used for floor wet mopping, cleaning walls, ceilings and tread-boards.
COMPLIES WITH THE EUROPEAN GPP GUIDELINES ON THE USE OF ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY PRODUCTS IN PUBLIC ADMINISTRATIONSProduct suitable to be used with flat microfibers and wet mopping system with wringer (allowed for specific needs)

ECO-FRIENDLY PRODUCTProduct made of separable materials and, consequently, recyclable at the end of its life

  • Made of premium quality material: lightweight, shock-proof and resistant to frequent use
  • Universal screw that allows the use of any kind of handles with diameter from 20 to 24 mm
  • If the red button on the upper part of the frame is pressed down , the frame will open 180° with the flap mop head still hanging; this operation allows to rinse and wring the flat mop head
  • Lock System allows to block the side moviments of the mop holder and it guarantees the maximum adherence to vertical surfaces for better cleaning results . This system can be switched on and off by simply pushing up or down its small lever (locking device) with one’s foot, without the use of one’s hands and without bending any more

Polypropylene and polyamide