Stirrers | wood FSC® 100%, wax coated

  • wooden stirring sticks with natural wax coating
  • especially smooth surface withsplinter protection
  • pure, pleasant mouthfeel
  • taste and odor neutral
  • FSC®-certified birch wood, sustainable
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Stirrers | wood FSC® 100%, wax coated

Stirrers made of wood FSC® 100%, wax coated by Naturestar

The birch wood stirrer is FSC® certified and 100% biodegradable, making it particularly sustainable. Its natural wax coating of carnauba leaves ensures a smooth surface, which provides very good protection against unpleasant wood splinters. Thus, the stirrer offers a particularly pure and pleasant mouthfeel. In addition, thanks to the coating, it is also neutral in taste and odor. This means that drinks and food can be consumed in gastronomy, catering or even in the to-go area without adulterating the taste.

The properties of the wax coated stirrers at a glance:

  • are made of sustainable, FSC®-certified birch wood
  • completely biodegradable material
  • with coating made of natural wax
  • wood does not splinter, thanks to the particularly smooth surface
  • odorless and tasteless
  • popular in the to-go area, in the gastronomy or in catering


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