• Toothpicks paper wrapped Bamboo

Toothpicks paper wrapped Bamboo

  • bamboo
  • very stable and eco-friendly
  • tasteless
  • individually wrapped in paper, 2 tips, polished
  • Dispenser
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Toothpicks paper wrapped | bamboo

Organic Bamboo Toothpicks wrapped by Naturestar

Toothpicks made from bamboo are particularly eco-friendly. Bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world and therefore bamboo products are extremely sustainable. The toothpicks are extremely stable and have polished tips for a pleasant application. The toothpicks are fully compostable and tasteless. For hygienic custody until use, the toothpicks are individually wrapped in paper.

Features of the BIO Bamboo Toothpicks:

    • made from eco-friendly bamboo
    • very stable and unbreakable
    • tasteless
    • tips polished
    • particularly hygienic, since individually packed in paper bag
    • 100% compostable


Franz Mensch